The SCARY Jane Jones is coming to take you away, ha-ha, with a night of unearthly soul music! Party with the band at the hellmouth in Downtown Northampton, where Strong meets Pearl at Progression Brewing Co., and bear witness as the band unleashes 2 soul-wrenching sets into Halloween Night!

COSTUME CONTEST! We don't care what you wear, but YOU WILL BE JUDGED!!! Swanky prizes awarded for the formidable and impressive at the set break!

ALL AGES ARE WELCOME, but small children may be consumed by undead face-melting band rage (or zombies, hey)

THIS PLACE IS ACCESSIBLE! Wheelchair accessible!!!! With a street level entrance and a super low-incline concrete ramp, you won't just roll on in, you'll glide, babes! We got the room, and we want you on the dance floor! There's also low sofas with coffee tables, bar seating, bar-height tables with heavy backless stools, and a bank of pew-backed seats and tables with loose armless chairs. Progression Brewing is well-staffed with some kind people, too! This spacious new brewery was built right into the old Gleason Camping Supply building on Pearl Street in Downtown Northampton!

NO COVER! We repeat, NO COVER!

Rockin' Mana Festival this weekend!!!!

We’re super excited to play alongside so many amazing Western Mass bands! Check out Live Music News and Review’s spotlight on this happy little festival!


"A Guaranteed Good Time"

Thank you to the Greenfield Recorder for the kind words & highlighting our summer plans! We had a terrific turnout in Bernardston - made a lot of new friends, hugged a lot of old friends, and shared some lovely moments all around. We can’t wait to get back to Greenfield this Friday at Mana Fest! See you soon, fam.

Celebrating Aretha: Valley musicians and entertainers recall the ‘Queen of Soul’

“There are some things about Aretha Franklin that are inextricable from Aretha Franklin: her incredible talent, her faith, her activism, her womanhood, and her Blackness,” Pachios said. “As a white woman singing soul music, I feel a great responsibility to speak to the times when I perform and acknowledge the Blackness of the artists I cover.”